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About Us


Why Choose Us?

Many of our patients were established when Dr. Delynn Stults began his practice in the 1970’s. They know that quality and fair fees are the standard at Stults Family Dentistry. When Dr. Daniel W. Stults joined the practice in 2001 our patients gained the advantage of greater availability of care with both experience and cutting-edge training.

Every client can expect these advantages which set us apart:

  • Clear, patient-friendly communication

  • On-time appointments

  • Dependable pain control

  • Strong emphasis on preventive care

Our Mission

We are committed to providing outstanding dental care for those ages 3 to 103. Our goal is to provide you with beautiful results in the most relaxed and comfortable way possible.

  • Our team will spend time listening to your needs, explaining treatment options, and helping you schedule convenient appointments. Using the latest technology and comfort techniques, we will create your beautiful, healthy smile, and then we will be here to help you maintain it for life.

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