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Frequently Asked Questions

  • What to expect on my first visit?
    The Stults Family welcomes you as a new patient. For a quick sign-in for your first appointment, please fill out your new patient form at least two business days prior to your first appointment. This will give the doctor and staff a first look at your dental history and possible needs. New Patient Form Please fill out your new patient form at least two business days prior to your first appointment. Health History Update Form
  • How can I improve my smile?
    The do-It yourself approach is seldom effective. The key to beautiful teeth is regular professional advice and care. For some, the answer may be simple whitening and routine tooth-colored fillings. Others will require more extensive procedures such as porcelain crowns and Invisalign™ invisible braces. With the 21st century dental care available at Stults Family Dentistry, predictable smile improvement is a reality.
  • How can I afford Dental Care?
    First of all, commit to making preventive dentistry a priority. This includes good home care habits, a healthy diet and regular dental check ups. At Stults Family Dentistry we are very straightforward with our fees. Written estimates are presented before treatment is scheduled. Although we welcome dental insurance plans, our agreement is solely with the patient. For typical coverage, we ask only for the patient portion of payment and accept assignment of benefits for the insurance portion. We encourage the use of Visa and Mastercard. Financing is increasingly popular through CareCredit.
  • Do the appointments run on time?
    We are respectful of your time. We work very hard to see each client in a timely manner. We very typically run right on time or even a bit early.
  • Are dental X-rays safe?
    Any exposure to radiation at a dental office is very minimal. More information from the ADA.
  • How often will I need X-rays and why do I need dental X-rays?
    Quality care is impossible without current x-rays. This is especially true for new patients. Most established patients need x-rays infrequently, usually every third checkup. Drs. Delynn and Daniel determine this for each patient according to individual factors.
  • Does over-the-counter whitening work?
    Most find these products to offer very minimal results. A professionally mediated whitening is typically required to acquire a noticeable change.
  • What if I have a dental emergency?
    We provide emergency care for all of our patients of record. You can expect same-day service during office hours. After-hours callers will be given instructions to receive prompt attention.
  • What is STA?
    STA stands for single tooth anesthesia. In short, it is a comfortable way to numb a single tooth without the side effect of a numb lip or face for hours after treatment. The next time you need a filling, ask about STA.
  • What is early orthodontics?
    Early orthodontics refers to beginning an early phase of orthodontics before a child’s permanent teeth have completely erupted. By starting at an early age (usually around 8) major problems can often be prevented. As a result, the amount of time in braces is often reduced. This method produces a more beautiful final smile with easier, more comfortable treatment for the child.
  • How does Invisalign work?
    Invisalign is simply another method of moving teeth. It uses CAD/CAM technology to produce a series of clear aligners which gradually and comfortably move teeth to the desired position. Because no metal or wires are used it is a very esthetic way to improve your smile.
  • What is Silent Nite?
    Silent Nite is a simple way to reduce or eliminate snoring. It is a custom-fit mouthpiece that holds the jaws in a position to prevent snoring. The result is a quiet, relaxing night of sleep. See for a video.
  • What is Vizilite?
    Vizilite is a technique and product which enables a dentist to detect oral cancer at an earlier stage. Detection at an early stage makes treatment more effective and less invasive.
  • How can I protect my smile?
    Anyone involved in contact sports should consider a mouthguard. We offer professional grade custom fit mouthguards in a variety of designs and colors. Visit for examples, or design your own.
  • What is Perio Protect?
    Perio Protect is an effective and non-invasive way to treat and prevent periodontal disease. Visit for more information.
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