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Pediatric Dentistry


Pediatric Dentistry has always been an important part of Stults Family Dentistry.  We recommend that children come for their first visit at three years of age. We have found that children who do the best during their first visit are the ones who are not overly prepared for their visit and whose parents model trust in our staff. By minimizing the “importance” of their trip to the dentist rather than getting the child “excited” for the event, parents are able to make their child less nervous.

We offer early orthodontics. Dr. Daniel Stults will evaluate your child’s needs and create a treatment plan. 


Question: How should I prepare my child for the first visit?

Answer: The less prepared the better. Children get apprehensive when they sense that something is really, really important. The first visit is simply a get acquainted time in a consult room with the parent present. A simple exam is done with a flashlight and mirror. If problems are already present, referral to a pediatric dentist may be advised. For the child with no early problems, a similar exam is scheduled every 6 months until the child is ready to go to a treatment room for preventive care without the parent. Our experience is undeniable: children who of their own accord, in their own time, receive care without the parent present grow up with absolutely no fear of dentists.

Frequently asked questions about oral care for babies and children:

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